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We are a global consulting and expert witness firm that works with both manufacturers and end users of cleaning equipment and cleaning fluids.

As an industry leader, we provide consultant guidance about the development and implementation of new technology including marketing advice.

Expert Witness
We work with legal teams both in an advisory or participatory capacity. As an experienced provider of support, we are familiar with the MPEP (Manual of Patent Examining Procedure), creation of expert witness reports, the need for brevity in depositions, and the nature of court proceedings.

Our Core Competencies and Fields of Expertise are:

  • Measurement and validation of cleaning performance
  • Specification and design of cleaning processes and systems
  • Management and control of cleaning processes and systems
  • Parts drying and drying equipment
  • Formulation of aqueous cleaners
  • Operation, and replacement, of TCE cleaning machines
  • Ultrasonic and megasonic cleaning and rinsing
  • Control of particles via hydrodynamic and other means
  • Engineering and chemistry of azeotropes
  • Solvent substitution and selection
  • Management of hazardous chemicals
  • Design and use of bioremediation parts washers
  • Experience with patent law as expert witness

Let our experience, credibility and creativity lead to more profit for you.


John B. Durkee, Ph. D., P.E.
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Phone: (830) 238-7610 , Mobile: (830) 459-5555
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